Archived Posts

In the blog format, older posts and writings often “disappear” into the past.  In order to make it easier to locate posts that may be of interest, I have added a page to the menu above (“List of Posts”) where older posts can be accessed.  The listing is by post title.  I will soon be rewriting some of the older posts to add new material and expand on what was previously written (example — Iob surname, Cunevo, Flavon, emigration to the US, working in the mines, are all in the works – well, at least in the back of my mind).  Hope this makes it easier to navigate this site.

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4 Responses to Archived Posts

  1. Jack Recla says:

    I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Trentino heritage helped me find my relatives in Ronzone Italy. We were able to spend two weeks in the Val Da Non and met many of my relatives that I had never met before. Thank you for being here for people who are searching.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. Always happy to hear success stories. If you would like me to post an article about finding and meeting your relatives, feel free to send me a draft via email.

  2. Wendy Negley says:

    Great! I’m interested in more on working in the mines, especially the Michigan mines.

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