The Pancheri family – centuries of history

It has been a while since I last posted – life gets in the way đŸ™‚  .  This post will introduce you to one of the foremost researchers of Trentino family history.  Gene Pancheri  has spent more than 40 years researching the history of the Pancheri  families from Trentino.  In those 40 years, he has made dozens of trips to Trentino, visiting archives, castles, libraries, respositories, churches, and other researchers.  Those trips have resulted amassing a library of books  documents, parchments, and genealogical charts.  He has traced Pancheri family lines from the small village of Samoclevo to Bresimo to Castel Altaguardia to the United States, Australia, South America, and many other countries.  By doing this, he has become probably the most knowledgeable individual about Pancheri family history both in the US and in Italy.   Gene has now added “author” to his resume – his book “Pancheri – Our Story” is a narrative of the Pancheri  family history based on his decades of research.  In his book, Gene writes

“If your family name includes the word Pancheri, you are without a doubt a cousin to thousands of Pancheris, spread over much of the globe, all of whom, like you, are descended from one man, names Panchero, who lived from 1335 to 1373”.

Thanks to information I received from Gene a number of years ago, I am proud to claim (via my great-great-great-grandmother) inclusion in the above.

Not only does Gene trace the history of the Pancheri family forward from the namesake Panchero (note – last names were not commonly used in Trentino until the late 1400’s – early 1500’s), but his research also shows Panchero’s father was Lord Pedracio de Caldes – one of the richest and most powerful noblemen in Trentino’s Val di Sole area.  Lord Pedracio’s lineage has been documented by historians to the year 1064, with ties to the First Crusade.

Interested yet?  A large number of us with roots in Trentino may have Pancheri in our lines.  Even if we don’t. Gene’s book provides an eyeopening look at life in Trentino over the centuries.  The book may be ordered (at printer cost) online at .  Please note that I do NOT have any links, financial or otherwise to the book or its sale.   The book can also be read online or downloaded via Dropbox .  Some of the chapters that are of interest are:

The Origins of the Pancheri Family
The Counts of Cagno and Caldes
The Remains of the Castle of Altaguardia
The Notary Profession in Trentino
Bresimo Witch Trials

Gene is also the administrator of a Facebook group (“Pancheri Do It Better”) where you can contact Gene and many others researching the Pancheri family history.  Overall, the information available about this distinguished Trentino family is staggering, and shows what dedicated research and effort can accomplish.

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6 Responses to The Pancheri family – centuries of history

  1. Wendy Negley says:

    Very impressive on the Pancheri Family book and I would like to read it! Hello to Allen and Jack, I am also researching in Val di Non, primarily Sporminore.

  2. Jack di Berti Recla says:

    I have read Gene’s book and plan on visiting Trentino Alta Adige and the Val di Non this coming summer. We plan to visit some long lost relatives that Gene helped me find in Ronzone. We plan on visiting the ruins of Castle Altaguardia near Bresimo also.
    Jack di Berti Recla

  3. allenrizzi says:

    I am familiar with Gene’s work and have incorporated some of his research into my own research of the Terza Sponda villages of Revo and Romallo. There is a small group of us researching the Val di Non and I think almost all of the 38 villages have been covered to varying degrees. Gene’s work however is definitive and we should all be thankful for his major contributions.

    • Allen
      Have you researched much of Ronzone ?
      When I go to Italy I plan to look for more information on my Great Grand Father Vincenzo Valentino Recla who was born in Ronzone.

      • allenrizzi says:

        Hi Jack – Yes, I have done a lot of work in Ronzone, Ruffre and surrounding villages. We will be at our home in Tret next summer. Please get in touch before you leave so we can get together in the VDN. We have lived there since 2002 and know the area extremely well.

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