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Chini Family Resources

There are hundreds of books about Trentino.  Although these books are good for general information, they are not really useful for learning about family history.  Here is where specialized books can be invaluable.  The idea is to search for books about … Continue reading

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The Pancheri family – centuries of history

It has been a while since I last posted – life gets in the way ūüôā  .  This post will introduce you to one of the foremost researchers of Trentino family history.  Gene Pancheri  has spent more than 40 years … Continue reading

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Genetti Family Reunion

The Genetti Family has scheduled a family reunion for the weekend of Friday, October 7th thru Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at Genetti Catering ( located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. All descendants of the family are invited to attend. Tracing their roots … Continue reading

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Using Marriage Records

A few days ago I wrote about how the information shown on online Trentino birth record abstacts and indices should be supplemented by viewing the actual birth record itself. The birth record will provide more information than that shown on … Continue reading

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The story of a Pinamonti Family from Rallo

Rallo is a small village in Val di Non, Trentino.¬† Families bearing the Pinamonti and Valentini names have been in Rallo for generations, many of whom came to America during the emigration years of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. … Continue reading

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Early information about a family in Trentino

Much historical and useful information can be learned by researching old books about our ancestral villages.¬† Also highly useful is contacting (and hopefully receiving a reply) the municipal offices in the villages, and trying to find living descendents of a … Continue reading

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Emigrants from Pine (Mattivi, etc)

I just received information about a website devoted to emigrants from Baselga di Pine, which is northeast of the city of Trento.¬† The website Mattivi Family Historytraces the origins of emigrants from Baselga di Pine to Novinger, Missouri, Silverton, Colorado, … Continue reading

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A Iob in 18th century Cunevo

My 5th great-grandfather Gio’ Batta Iob – sicher was born in Cunevo c. 1739.¬† His exact date of birth is not known due to destruction of most records during a fire in 1802.¬† Gio’ Batta was a short form for … Continue reading

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Aultman Photo Collection

Many of the early emigrants from Trentino went to Colorado where jobs in the coal mines were plentiful. I have previously written a number of posts about our Trentino ancestors and the difficulties they faced in Colorado. Every once in … Continue reading

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Trentino birth records – an online database

¬†The Trentino Department of Emigration has placed a database of birth records online at ¬†Nati In Trentino¬†.¬† The database contains information about 1.2 million residents of Trentino born between the years 1815-1923, including full name, date of birth, village, and … Continue reading

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