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Genetti Family Reunion

The Genetti Family has scheduled a family reunion for the weekend of Friday, October 7th thru Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at Genetti Catering ( located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. All descendants of the family are invited to attend. Tracing their roots … Continue reading

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Trentino Birth Record Index

I had previously written in Trentino Birth Records – An Online Database about the Province of Trentino’s publication of Trentino birth records and the ability to search by name, etc. As we are aware, in 2012 the Latter Day Saints … Continue reading

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Archived Posts

In the blog format, older posts and writings often “disappear” into the past.  In order to make it easier to locate posts that may be of interest, I have added a page to the menu above (“List of Posts”) where … Continue reading

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Trentino soldiers in Ethiopia

The Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-1936 is sometimes seen as one of the lead-ins to World War II.  Italy had previously tried to conquer Ethiopia in the 1890’s, without success.  Citing a border dispute between Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland, Italy invaded … Continue reading

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Trento and Austrian archives

We have all used or heard of many online resources (FamilySearch, Ancestry, etc) and the availability of microfilmed records of the towns and villages in Trentino.  One source that may not be often thought of is the archives in the … Continue reading

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Rouse coal camps

Many times, wandering around the internet searching for resources to help me in my research, I come across a site that may be of interest to many of us researching our Trentino heritage. One such site is Rouse1906.  This site … Continue reading

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Calendar Months in Trentino Records

A large portion of Italian genealogical records write dates numerically rather than spelling out the calendar months. For example, we will see a date written ” 4-8-1826″. Interpreting this to our way of thinking in the US, we happily enter … Continue reading

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A Courageous People From the Dolomites now online

It has been quite a while since I last posted – I guess getting out in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air and scenery takes precedence over sitting in front of a screen. Some of my previous posts suggested … Continue reading

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Early information about a family in Trentino

Much historical and useful information can be learned by researching old books about our ancestral villages.  Also highly useful is contacting (and hopefully receiving a reply) the municipal offices in the villages, and trying to find living descendents of a … Continue reading

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Trentino Department of Emigration

As many of us are aware, the Trentino Department of Emigration is highly regarded for the services it provides not only to emigrants from Trentino, but also to the descendants of those emigrants. The Department has offered a free 2013 wall … Continue reading

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