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A Son of Tret

Over the many years I have been researching my ancestry, I have met others with similar interests.  Some have become online friends with whom I correspond and with whom I exchange information.  Others I have lost contact with over the … Continue reading

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Trentino Department of Emigration

As many of us are aware, the Trentino Department of Emigration is highly regarded for the services it provides not only to emigrants from Trentino, but also to the descendants of those emigrants. The Department has offered a free 2013 wall … Continue reading

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Touring Your Village Online

Some of my previous posts have mentioned ways to see photographs or information about your ancestral village, for example — Photos of Your Ancestral Village.  There is also a way to view your (hopefully) entire village online.  Google Maps offers … Continue reading

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Villages of Trentino

There have been many requests for a link to specific ancestral villages in Trentino.  I have added a page (“Villages” in the menu above) listing some of the towns and villages in Trentino, along with a link to their websites.  … Continue reading

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Photos of your ancestral village

Quite a bit of information can be obtained by visiting the official and unofficial websites of our ancestral villages.  Not only do those websites contain contact information (village officials, etc), but they often contain historical and current documents which can … Continue reading

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Trentino birth records – an online database

 The Trentino Department of Emigration has placed a database of birth records online at  Nati In Trentino .  The database contains information about 1.2 million residents of Trentino born between the years 1815-1923, including full name, date of birth, village, and … Continue reading

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Filo – a new resouce for Trentino culture

It has been a while since I lasted posted — life seems to get in the way at times (tax season also has a big effect).  With this post, I would like to let you know about a new resource … Continue reading

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Women in Italian Records

Maiden and family names In the US, and many other countries, when a woman marries, the tendency is to take the husband’s name (please do not take issue, offense, or anything emotional with regard to this posting — I am … Continue reading

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Surnames in Trentino

Surnames did not arise in Trentino until sometime during the early to mid 1500’s — moreso after the 1564 Council of Trent which ordered use of surnames for each individual.  Until the use of surnames, a person was generally known … Continue reading

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The voyage to America

I previously wrote about the reasons causing our ancestors to leave Trentino (illness, economic hardships, etc). During the latter part of the 1870’s to the early 1900’s thousands left Trentino for Brazil, Argentina, and various parts of the United States. … Continue reading

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