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Early information about a family in Trentino

Much historical and useful information can be learned by researching old books about our ancestral villages.  Also highly useful is contacting (and hopefully receiving a reply) the municipal offices in the villages, and trying to find living descendents of a … Continue reading

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Emigrants from Pine (Mattivi, etc)

I just received information about a website devoted to emigrants from Baselga di Pine, which is northeast of the city of Trento.  The website Mattivi Family Historytraces the origins of emigrants from Baselga di Pine to Novinger, Missouri, Silverton, Colorado, … Continue reading

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Trentino birth records – an online database

 The Trentino Department of Emigration has placed a database of birth records online at  Nati In Trentino .  The database contains information about 1.2 million residents of Trentino born between the years 1815-1923, including full name, date of birth, village, and … Continue reading

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Women in Italian Records

Maiden and family names In the US, and many other countries, when a woman marries, the tendency is to take the husband’s name (please do not take issue, offense, or anything emotional with regard to this posting — I am … Continue reading

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Pancheri family and Castel Altaguardia

Castel (castle) Altaguardia was built c. 13th century in the northwestern portion of Val di Non near its intersection with Val di Sole.  The castle was sacked during the Peasant Rebellion of 1407, and placed under seige during the Peaseant Revolt (“Rustic … Continue reading

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Trentino village churches and your ancestors

Each village in Trentino has one or more churches.  In addition to religous functions, the village church also served social and civil purposes.   Since the early 1600s, the village church was the recordkeeper for family events.  Handwritten birth, marriage, and death registers have survived in … Continue reading

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Using naturalization documents in research

Declaration of intent to become a US citizen (1936) – Giuseppe Iob After spending many years in the United States, many of our ancestors from Trentino petitioned to become US citizens.  Normally, one of the prerequisites in the naturalization process was … Continue reading

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Using Trentino church records

During the time of our grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents, the local churches in Trentino were the recordkeepers for birth, marriage, and death events.  Generally, meticulous records were maintained by the parish priests in handwritten church registers.  Absent destruction due to … Continue reading

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Using military draft cards in research

During World Wars I and II,  most men present in the US were required to register for the draft, regardless of whether or not they were citizens.  These cards can be useful in obtaining information about your emigrant ancestor or … Continue reading

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Village of Fondo

 Although the village of Fondo has its own website with some historical tidbits that may interest the family researcher, the website is directed more to the tourist or person interested in an overview of the village. With its frazioni (“hamlets”) of … Continue reading

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