Genetti Family Reunion

The Genetti Family has scheduled a family reunion for the weekend of Friday, October 7th thru Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at Genetti Catering ( located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. All descendants of the family are invited to attend.

Tracing their roots back to the tiny village of Castelfondo located in the Val di Non (Non Valley), Trentino, Italy, this Tyrolean family can document eighteen generations of descendants beginning in the mid-1400’s. There is also historical evidence that the Genetti family was established two hundred years prior to this date in the year 1265.

“With hundreds of cousins throughout the United States, Italy and other countries, we hope to have attendees that represent every branch of our extensive family tree,” states Louise Genetti Roach, the great-granddaughter of Damiano and Oliva Genetti and an avid family genealogist. “Many cousins have contacted us through our family genealogy website and added their own stories and photos to our online archive. This will be a chance for everyone to come together, meet in person and learn about our shared ancestry.”

The Reunion itinerary is as follows:
Oct. 7 – Friday evening – Greet and Meet Reception
Oct. 8 – Saturday – Workshop to include information on DNA testing and family genealogy
Oct. 8 – Saturday – Cocktails and dinner, followed by a presentation by Louise Genetti Roach: “The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America”
Oct. 9 – Sunday morning – Continental Breakfast and wrap up.

Reunion activities will take place at the ballroom of Genetti Catering, located at 1345 North Church Street in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. For reservation information, please visit the family website at: or email

The Genetti Family website is also a comprehensive source of information and photos detailing the history of this family.   The photo below is of Damiano Genetti standing in the doorway of the original Genetti family home in Castelfondo,  about 1938. Damiano returned to Castelfondo and lived the last 20 years of his life there.


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6 Responses to Genetti Family Reunion

  1. allenrizzi says:


    The Southern California ITTONA will host this year in Long Beach, CA. From their website:

    ” The 2016 ITTONA North American Convention will be hosted by our club August 3-7 on Carnival’s Imagination! Contact Anna Vann, 303-650-1057,, if you are still interested, Presently, we have over 147 people in attendance.” Website is:

  2. Lois Johnson says:

    Do you have any information on the Tyrolean Convention which is supposed to be held in Colorado this year?

  3. allenrizzi says:

    Best of luck with the reunion. We will be in Tret at the time (just a stone’s throw from Castelfondo. Tanti auguri!.

  4. L.Roach says:

    Thank you Sal! The Genetti Family very much appreciates your generosity in sharing the information about our reunion.

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