Val di Non Storica

I previously mentioned the Facebook page Val di Non Storica as a potential source of information about our ancestral culture and heritage. I revisited the group recently and the activity has greatly increased. Val di Non Storica is actually a special interest group devoted to the Val di Non (Non Valley) in Trentino. This valley happens to contain my ancestral villages, which is why I visit the group frequently. Most recently, photographs, postcards, and documents included villages such as Fondo, Cavareno, Flavon, Ruffre, and Malosco. You are required to join Facebook and the group (both free) in order to make use of the resources.

Flavon churchThe most useful and exciting part of the group are the more than 800 (and growing daily) photographs and picture postcards of the villages and people of Val di Non. These items cover years from the late 1800s to the present day, providing insight into not only what the villages looked like during the years our ancestors lived there, but also their everyday lives. Many of the contributors have posted photographs from family albums showing people within the village, their grandparents and great-grandparents, and villagers working the fields, etc. The photo on the left is a depiction of the village church in Flavon, and dates to c. 1900.

Although most of the comments and descriptions are in Italian, there are many members who can provide translation assistance. If your family ties are within Val di Non, be sure to make use of this resource — you may even be able to make a contact in the village.

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