Trentino War Casualties

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The province of Trentino recently released an online database of World War I casualties. The database is basically a listing of soldiers from Trentino who entered the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I and were killed in action or otherwise became casualties. The database can be accessed and searched at “Ricerca caduti trentini della I guerra mondiale” (will open in a new window). If you heard family stories or rumors that an ancestor or relative died in World War I, this is the place to try and verify that information.

Once you access the site, click on Cerca nella banca dati.  A series of boxes will appear.  The boxes are:  Cognome e nome (last and first names), Luogo di nascita (place born), Luogo di residenza (place lived), Luogo di morte (place died), Luogo di sepoltua (place buried).  You can search by any or all of the fields.  Sometimes it is easier to simply search by last name or village (if not a large city).

More than 11,000 persons died as a result of military service.  The information contained in the database can be as little as a name and year, or can contain information such as date of birth, date of death, parents’ names, place died, place buried, occupation, military specialty, military rank, and possibly a photo of the person.

Example — I entered the village of Cunevo in the luogo di nascita field, with 11 persons listed.  Information about a Carlo Iob was shown, including the fact that he was born in Cunevo in 1894, was single, died in Vienna in 1917.  Information about an Angelo Zanon stated he was born in Cunevo April 11, 1893 to Giuseppe Zanon and Maria Zadra.  He was single, a student at the time conscripted, and died December 13, 1916 at Tonale due to an avalanche.  He was a sergeant, and awarded the Iron Cross of Valor.  I did the same for the village of Flavon, producing 24 persons from the village who died during the war.  Information for an Ottavio Iob contained his photograph and stated he was missing in action. Some of the information showed that a few of them died in prisioner of war camps in Russia.

The database can be of use in filling in blanks in your family or siblings of grandparents and great-grandparents.  Good hunting.



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