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Storie di Emigrazione in Val di Non – Cagno, Revo, Romallo, Cloz e Brez,  (History of Val di Non Emigration – Villages of Cagno, Revo, Romallo, Cloz and Brez) is a new Facebook page.  Started in April 2013, it is a meeting place for those of us interested in emigration from the aforementioned villages to the US, Brazil, and Argentina.  The page currently has a few stories, links to YouTube videos dealing with emigration from Trentino, old photos with many people in them, photos of the tools and machinery used by our ancestors, and music of Trentino.  Whether you love or hate Facebook, we have to admit that it is a good source of making contact with others sharing our heritage. One I use regularly is Val di Non Storica — although most of the comments are in Italian, the part of special interest is the hundreds of old photographs and picture postcards of villages in Val di Non, such as Cavareno, Fondo, Ronzone, Cles, Romeno, Segno, Revo, etc. You will be required to join Facebook and the Val di Non Storica group (both free) in order to access the photographs.

If you have a story of your ancestors’ emigration from any of the villages listed, feel free to add it – or let me know if you would like it posted here.

Thank you Giovanni Rigatti for telling me about the page.

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  1. Christina bonatti says:

    Thank u

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