Touring Your Village Online

Some of my previous posts have mentioned ways to see photographs or information about your ancestral village, for example — Photos of Your Ancestral Village.  There is also a way to view your (hopefully) entire village online.  Google Maps offers street by street views of many villages in Trentino.  For example, below is a view of a street in the village of Cunevo, the street on which my ancestors lived for generations —

Via Soradari, Cunevo, Trentino

To take advantage of the street views, simply zoom in, drag the image of the person onto the map, click the image of the person, and the streets, houses, people on the street when the village was filmed, etc. will appear.  Using your mouse to hover over the map will bring up white “arrows” — clicking the arrows will allow you to “walk the village”.  You can easily spend hours roaming the villages.  Enjoy!!!

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