Aultman Photo Collection

Many of the early emigrants from Trentino went to Colorado where jobs in the coal mines were plentiful. I have previously written a number of posts about our Trentino ancestors and the difficulties they faced in Colorado. Every once in a while a new source of information comes to mind or I remember one I used in the past. Such a resource that may be useful in your research is the Denver Public Library online collection. The Library contains thousands of historic photographs, including the mines at which our ancestors lived and worked. In addition, the Otis Aultman photography collection has photos of people from those mines and towns. Mr. Aultman maintained a photo studio in Trinidad, Colorado during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. Many of his photographs of residents in and around Trinidad have survived and are available for purchase from the Library. The best thing about these photographs is that there is a name index online

I input the last names of interest to me (Iob, Yob, Job, Menapace, Zanon, Dalpiaz, Pilati, Banaletti) and received hits each time.  Some were specific persons that I came across in my research and others were strangers with the same names as persons I am researching. Give it a try.  The photo above was a result of my searching the collection and is of an Antonio Iob c. 1890.

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2 Responses to Aultman Photo Collection

  1. Ted Rousses says:

    This is a good suggestion. What I understand on this collection, the names that are listed were the ones that paid for the photography, not necessarily the person in the photography.

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