Villages of Trentino

Village of Terres


There have been many requests for a link to specific ancestral villages in Trentino.  I have added a page (“Villages” in the menu above) listing some of the towns and villages in Trentino, along with a link to their websites.  I will be adding to this listing, and will also provide some comments about each village’s site.  If you are interested in a specific town or village and it is not on the listing, please let me know.

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11 Responses to Villages of Trentino

  1. I am interested Sant Orsola Terme. I live one hour east of San Francisco and would love to find any other Mocheno. It would be wonderful if someone actually spoke the language from the Sant Orsola side of the Valle de Mocheni. (Valley of the Makers)
    I still have family living in my great grandmother’s home, well her home is the basement now but, it was wonderful to see it and I felt so at home with family it has created a passion in me to learn the language.

  2. JoMarie Alexander says:

    I would be interested in anything regarding Preghena.

  3. Christina bonatti says:

    Bedolla, barbiniga

  4. Tom Agosti says:

    One more, and I even have the link for you: Livo (and its three “frazione” Scanna, Varollo and Preghena)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Terrrific addition!

  6. Theresa Pinamonti Zeigler says:

    Thanks so much Sal. I just posted this on facebook! Love Theresa

  7. Jose Henrique Souza says:

    Im interessed by: Vattaro, Vigolo Vattaro, Centa San nicol Pergine Valsugana Pergine Santa Orsola Vigalzano, Valsugana San Sebastiano



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