Index to birth records in Trentino

I had previously written in Trentino Birth Records – An Online Database about the Province of Trentino’s publication of Trentino birth records and the ability to search by name, etc.  On July 21, 2012 the Latter Day Saints FamilySearch website began publishing another database of Trentino birth records at Italy, Trento, Catholic Church Records.   At this point there are only 376,000 entries.  My understanding is that many more will be added, and in the future the database will include not only births, but also marriages and deaths.  Additionally, some of the future additions will include actual images.  The issue about images of the actual records is the privacy rules in Trentino.  It appears that if one portions of a film includes images of events less than 100 years old, then no images from that roll can be uploaded.   Even without the images, this new database is a welcome research tool.

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4 Responses to Index to birth records in Trentino

  1. Ivo says:

    Just so you are aware. A lot more information is are available at the Mormon church. I researched at the Salt Lake City center and got a lot more than the online database. So in my opinion if you want the images quicker you can always research them at the Mornon sites. They will mail a copy of the rolls to your local church for you to view. I just make sure I tack on a couple extra datys when I am near Salt Lake City for reseach.

    • Thanks for writing. You are correct that many more records are available thru the Mormon Family History Centers which has microfilmed records available. The online databases are the result of abstracts made through official Trentino province channels. As result, Trentino’s privacy laws restricted the information that could be placed online. The films are often also available through your local public library, which will order the films from Salt Lake City.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the information. Hope everything is going well.

  3. Theresa Pinamonti Zeigler says:

    Thanks so much Sal, for all the work you do, and have done. We all appreciate it. Theresa Zeigler

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