Photos of your ancestral village

Quite a bit of information can be obtained by visiting the official and unofficial websites of our ancestral villages.  Not only do those websites contain contact information (village officials, etc), but they often contain historical and current documents which can provide background information about the villages during the times our grandparents and great-grandparents were living there.  Of interest are old and historical photographs, picture postcards, and original writings showing the villages in the late 1800s and early 1900s – the periods when most of our ancestors left Trentino for North and South America.  For example, the site Cavalese Antica contains 65 photographs and picture postcards of Cavalese from the 1890’s to mid-1900’s showing old houses and stores.

Another example is the Memoria Colletiva di Mezzano (Mezzano Memory Collection), which contains approximately 1000 photographs, documents, and diaries detailing life, culture, and heritage of the village and its peoples.

Also, the page for the villages of Coredo and Tavon contains photographs identifying the people shown – is your relative or ancestor listed?

Let’s not forget Facebook, the ultimate social network.  Whether you like the site or not, there is a large amount of useful information to be found there.  Many Facebook groups have been started which are dedicated to a specific theme, location, school, etc.  One group about Trentino is of special interest to us.  Val di Non Storica is dedicated to the Val di Non area of Trentino, which is composed of 38 villages.  Although most of the comments are in Italian, the part of special interest is the hundreds of old photographs and picture postcards of villages in Val di Non, such as Cavareno, Fondo, Ronzone, Cles, Romeno, Segno, Revo ………. . You will be required to join Facebook and the Val di Non Storica group (both free) in order to access the photographs.

I am in the process of gathering and updating information about many of the villages in Trentino and will be adding a static page in the future that will hopefully lead you to more information about your ancestral village.

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4 Responses to Photos of your ancestral village

  1. Judy Pedrotti Andersen says:

    Do you have any information about the villages of Male or Magras in the Val di Sole area? I have been researching this area for several years. I actually went there last year to research, but was unable to find any Pedrotti relatives.

    • I assume you have already used the Male’ microfilmed records (#1388645 and 1388646 for years 1553-1923). If you are looking for living relatives, I find that taking a genealogy chart with you (if you plan another visit), and showing it to restaurant owners, shopkeepers, church staff (especially for senior citizen groups in the village), and village offices has worked.

  2. Sherry Russell says:

    Hello. My family Franzoi (Franzoy) /Formolo were from the township of Sporeminore. Would love to access any photos from that area.

    • Right now I only have three photographs of Sporminore on my old site ( The old site will be coming down soon. As I find or receive new photos, I will put them up. Thanks for visiting and your comment.

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