Trentino birth records – an online database

 The Trentino Department of Emigration has placed a database of birth records online at  Nati In Trentino .  The database contains information about 1.2 million residents of Trentino born between the years 1815-1923, including full name, date of birth, village, and names of parents.     You must register (free) for access to the site.  I understand that plans are being made for future enhancements, including marriages, deaths, and names of grandparents.  Your search can be by surname only or by first and last name.  The search can only be made in 10 year (or less) increments.  The data fields (* means an entry is required) are:

Last name  *
Year of birth (from)
to (max 10 years)
Father’s name
Mother’s family name

Let’s take an example – you are searching for your grandfather Giuseppe Dolzani, and know that he was born sometime in the 1870’s. You would enter the fields as follows:

Last name — Dolzani
Gender – M
Year of birth (from) – 1870
to – 1879

Just from this limited information, two possibilities result.  Clicking on the names will give you their dates of birth, parents’ names, and their village.  In both cases, the name Giuseppe is shown as a second or third name (e.g. Giulio Rodolfo Giuseppe and Vincenzo Giuseppe).  Don’t assume that because the name is not shown as a first name that these are not the person you are searching for.  It was common in Trentino to show entries as FirstName MiddleName LastName or as MiddleName FirstName LastName, or as LastName FirstName MiddleName, etc.

Assuming that Vincenzo Giuseppe Dolzani is the person you are looking for, you can find siblings by entering the surname and parents’ names in another search, as follows:

Last name – Dolzani
Gender – M (or F, to find all siblings)
Year of birth (from) – 1870
to – 1879
Name – leave blank
Father’s name – Giovanni
Mother’s family name – Lorenzoni
Parish – Flavon

I did not use the mother’s first name since there could be various spellings (in this case there were two – Giuseppa and Gioseffa).  This search found two female and three male children born to the family in the ten year period.  Expanding the search to the previous and later periods could produce additional siblings to your grandfather.

The site provides guidelines, instructions, and suggestions on how to do the searches – take the time to read the material.  The province has expended a lot  of time, energy, and funding to make this important and useful database available to us.  A big thank you to all involved.  Happy hunting.

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5 Responses to Trentino birth records – an online database

  1. Javier says:

    Buongiorno, ho bisogno di informazioni il mio bisnonno. L’unica informazione che abbiamo è che il suo nome era JOSE GATTELLA (apparentemente NASCE 19 MARZO 1898 IN ITALIA ed è morto il 15 marzo 1984 in Argentina), sua moglie EMILIA Gualla (NATO IL 23 FEBBRAIO 1901 a ITALIA, E morì il 24 Agosto 1985 in Argentina). GRAZIE

  2. Brooke says:

    thanks for this! I am researching my family history & know a lot about my great grandfather who came over from Cavareno in 1914. I knew his name, birthday, etc. but still looked him up on this site and also found his sister, and discovered that his mother’s name was spelled a different way and that the last name was changed when he came over… from Malench to Malenck. Very interesting, thanks!

    • If it is helpful to you, I have information about Angelo Daniele MALENCH born 4/27/1874 in Romeno (about 1 kilometer from Cavareno). His parents were Daniele Fortunato Malench (1/25/1841); and Candida Rosati (10/7/1844). He was in Utah in 1900 per 1900 census. He was married (or living with) my grandmother, Rosa Gabardi (12/15/1867 Sanzeno), widow of Riccardo Carotta, There was one son born to the couple, David (4/9/1899 in Carbon County, Utah. Daniele Malench disappeared from the scene about 1900, suspected he returned to Italy, no proof. David later took the family name of Asson after Rosa married my grandfather, Fidele “Joe” Asson (3/13/1872 Amblar) Amblar is located 1 mile from Cavareno and two miles from Romeno. Thought you may be interested. Complicated set of facts, isn’t it? Gary Asson (

      • Brooke says:

        wow very interesting! Emilio Malenck (it is Malench but they changed it to a k) was my great grandfather. He was living in Cavareno and his sister also came over the the US. He came through Ellis Island in 1914 on the ship “Chicago”. He married my great grandmother and then they divorced. I know a lot about him because all the rest of the family was completely Finnish on my mother’s side, all from the U.P. (Michigan).. so I am all Finnish on that side, except my great grandfather. They said he and his sister considered themselves Austrian, because of the war that was going on , and right around that region after he left for America! I already knew his birth date, etc. but didn’t know they changed the h to a k in the last name. And also his mother’s name was spelled differently with a C instead of a G. I would like to pull up his parents, I know their names but don’t know the exact birth years so I’d just have to guess a few different years and try to pull them up on that site.

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