Filo – a new resouce for Trentino culture

It has been a while since I lasted posted — life seems to get in the way at times (tax season also has a big effect).  With this post, I would like to let you know about a new resource — Lou Brunelli, a descendent of emigrants from the Val di Giudicarie area of Trentino, has started a quarterly publication and website titled Filo.  Both the online and print versions are free and are dedicated to promoting Trentino culture, heritage, and customs.  Filo is a word that was commonly used by our ancestors, and, as Lou  writes, the term meant a “… nightly gathering of the villagers in their stables to tell stories and enjoy each other’s company…”.  The Filo  was not only for the villagers’ entertainment, but a way to catch up on news and gossip from within the village, and also to share letters and news from friends and relatives who emigrated to the United States and elsewhere — sort of an old Trentino version of Facebook.

You can view the current issue of Filo and read articles about our culture at the Filo site — .  In addition to new and archival photographs of Trentino and families, there are many articles in the current issue, including –

Who We Are,  Our Origins,  The Way We Were …. , Our Dialect …. , Polenta, Odyssey of a Tyrolean Immigrant ………

While there, why not register to receive the actual issues and updates.  Your stories, photos, and documents about our culture,  your immigrant ancestors, etc are very welcome.  Contact Lou via the website for more information.  I hope you enjoy the current issue as much as I did.


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