Introduction to the village of Terres

Terres - village crest

Terres - village crest

Terres is a small village of about 325 residents in Val di Non. The most common surname in the village is Dalpiaz. As customary in other villages in the valley, many of the family branches were given sopramoni (or “second names”) in order to distinguish between the Dalpaiz branches. These sopramoni were most often in the local nonesi dialect (e.g. ciuret, pazienza, iachemin). Thus, you could have Francesco Dalpiaz-ciuret, Francesco Dalpiaz-pazienza, etc.

Although a very old village, the houses and structures are new in comparison to the houses you would otherwise find in Val di Non. In August 1802 a fire broke out in Terres which destroyed all but two of the houses and heavily damaged the church. The fire was so severe, that it spread to the nearby village of Flavon (many believe that embers smoldering in the belongings brought to Terres by residents fleeing the fire caused the spread to Flavon. The village was substantially destroyed in another fire that occurred in November 1870.

Terres, as many others in the valley, suffered through World War I. Fifteen men in this small village lost their lives during the war. Although there were no battle casualties during World War II, the village was hit by two bombs released (many think accidently or prematurely) by US aircraft. Fr. Pio Dalpiaz, in his book “Riccordi di Famiglia” discusses the bombing, which killed his father and severely injured his sisters and mother. This book (in Italian) contains information about many Dalpiaz family members, along with photos and documents.

Village of Terres


Below is a listing of some of the villagers from Terres who came to the US (many of whom settled in Pennsyvania) and their year of arrival. More information (age, family, description, etc.) and listings of additional emigrants can be found on the actual passenger manifests on the Ellis Island website.

Name – Year Name – Year
Dalpiaz, Adelaide – 1912
Dalpiaz, Andrea – 1901
Dalpaiz, Anna – 1912
Dalpiaz, Augusto – 1903
Dalpiaz, Augusto – 1904
Dalpiaz, Camillo – 1896
Dalpiaz, Camillo – 1904
Dalpiaz, Clemente – 1898
Dalpiaz, Elia – 1910
Dalpiaz, Emanuele – 1903
Dalpiaz, Enrico – 1900
Dalpiaz, Ernesto – 1899
Dalpiaz, Ester – 1904
Dalpiaz, Federico – 1896
Dalpiaz, Fortunato – 1893
Dalpiaz, Germano – 1910
Dalpiaz, Giacomo – 1903
Dalpiaz, Giusto – 1900
Dalpiaz, Isidore – 1893
Dalpiaz, Leopoldo – 1902
Dalpiaz, Pietro – 1920
Dalpiaz, Primo – 1914
Dalpiaz, Riccardo – 1910
Dalpiaz, Teodora – 1923
Dalpiaz, Virgilio – 1911
Dolzani, Achille – 1904
Dolzani, Emman. – 1903
Dolzani,Giacomo – 1903
Dolzani, Luigia – 1924
Lorenzoni, Ferdinando – 1905
Lorenzoni, Maria – 1910
Martini, Bianca| – 1905
Martini, Celestina – 1909
Martini, Edigio – 1911
Martini, Fortunato – 1901
Martini, Luigi – 1903
Portolan, Amadeo – 1920
Portolan, Enrichetta -1909
Tretter, Faustino – 1900

Resources: Il Paese di Terres, by Ermanno Rossi; Ricordi di Famiglia, by Fr. Pio Dalpiaz.

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5 Responses to Introduction to the village of Terres

  1. Paul endry says:

    Does anyone have information about my grandmother Silvia Maria Dalpiaz b 1887. She married my grandfather Felice Guiseppe Endrizzi who had returned to Terres after his first wife died in the Great Flu Epidemic in America. They married in 1920 and returned to the US in the 30s.

  2. Edward Wroten says:

    On the list above Pietro Dalpiaz is my Great Grandfather !!
    His wife was Maria Cristofolini from Fornace.There daughter my
    Grand Mother Maria Rosa Dalpiaz born in Terres July 2,1914 arrived in
    USA August 28,1920
    Ed Wroten

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