Rallo – the village and its emigrants

Pinamonti house

Ancestral Pinamonti house in Rallo (courtesy T. Zeigler)

Two brothers from Rallo, don Gioseffo and Carlo Pinamonti were responsible for bringing desperately needed water from Lago di Tovel to Rallo and nearby villages in 1852 by designing and constructing irrigation aqueducts. Their efforts are remembered by a plaque placed on the exterior wall of their ancestral home.

During the late 1800s and the early 1900s, many villagers decided to explore opportunities available in the US and elsewhere.  Many emigrated as a result of recruitment by mine operators or from letters sent by family and friends who had already left.

Below is a listing of some of the emigrants from Rallo who ventured to the United States.  Most information is from the Ellis Island passenger manifests.   If you have any other information about their life in the new land, please share it.

Name Arrival Year – Destination
Berti, Adelaide 1909 – Glenwood, CO
Bonelli, Cesira 1900 – Delaqua, CO 
Corradini, Ferdinando 1905 – Calument, MI
Corradini, Francesco 1895; 1900- NY
Corradini, Giuseppe 1901 – Trinidad, CO
Corradini, Lodovico 1910 – Florence, CO
Dalpiaz, Ottilia 1906 – Helper, UT
Guarienti, Carlo 1909 – Bentley, IL
Guarienti, Carolina 1901 – Helper, UT
Maistrelli, Luca 1900 – Dennison, OH
Menapace, Carlo 1899 – Pueblo, CO
Menapace, Carlo 1900 – Dennison, OH
Menapace, Giuseppe 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Enrico 1902 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Angela 1897 – Coalgate, UT
Menapace, Maria 1906 – Radient, CO
Menapace, Frank 1901 – Freeland, PA
Menapace, Edoardo 1912 – Freeland, PA
Menapace, Leopoldo 1901 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Abramo 1898 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Primo 1921 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Enrico 1901 – Taylor Springs, IL
Odorizzi, Angelo 1907 – New Philadelphia, OH
Odorizzi, Adelaide 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Ferdinando 1900 – Dennison, OH
Odorizzi, Francesco 1889 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Rosa 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Pilati, Leopoldo 1892 – New Philadelphia, OH
Pilati, Enrico 1895 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Battista 1901 – Colorado
Pinamonti, Carolina 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Carlo Carlo Pinamonti  1901 – Radient, CO
Pinamonti, Giuseppe 1920 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, CarlottaCarlotta Valentini 1907 – Colorado
Valentini, Emilio 1911 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, Enrico 1909 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, Giovanni 1901 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, Massimiliano 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, Rudolfo 1906 – Trinidad, CO
Zanoniani, Giovanni 1888 – Starkville. CO
Zanoniani, Maria ? – Trinidad, CO
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3 Responses to Rallo – the village and its emigrants

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  2. lindzmarie82 says:

    This is so interesting to me. I believe Carlo Menapace who settled in Dennison, OH is my great grandfather. My name is Lindsay Menapace and I grew up in Dennison and still live in Ohio. My Dad’s name is Carl Menapace, he was named after my great-grandpa. I knew my great-grandparents were both born in Italy and came through Ellis Island. Both were deceased when I was born. I’m 29 now and very interested in my heritage since my grandpa just recently explained to me that our ancestors are from where he called Trentin. He is 85. I had asked a lot of questions since I was unsure as to if our heritage is considered Italian or Austian since I had received mixed feedback on it because of our last name.

    • Thank you for your posting. If you find that this Carlo Menapace (from village of Rallo) is in fact your g-gf, there are records available that will link your family back a few more generations. Most of the emigrants from Trentino who were born before World War I considered themselves Austrian rather than Italian (even though culturally they were Italian). Each person has their own opinion as to what they are (Italian vs Austrian).

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