Tassullo – a small village in Val di Non

Tassullo is composed of five villages (or “frazioni“), including Rallo, Pavillo, Campo Tassullo, and Sanzenone.  One theory states that the name is derived from the ancient peoples of the area known as “tulliassi” — a term found in the Tavola Clesiana, which granted Roman citizenship to area residents in 46 A.D. 

Pavillo was known as Paville in the early 1200’s. Within one of its buildings are the remains of walls from an ancient tower built during the Roman era. The surname Menapace is very common in this village, with branches intermarrying quite often over the centuries. The name was written Menapas in the 1600s to the early 1800s, and also as Menapasis in the 1300s to 1500s.

Tassullo war memorial

Tassullo war memorial (courtesy Theresa Zeigler)

World War I brought mandatory military service to the villages. Many of the men conscripted into the Austrian army fought in Serbia with 36 casulaties as a result of the war. The names of those who lost their lives, or who were otherwise missing, are memorialized on the walls of a chapel erected at the Tassullo cemetery.

The current church in Tassullo, which has been documented to the year 1101 (year in which the altar was reconsecrated), is dedicated to S. Maria Assunta. It is believed that a church was here as far back as the 9th century. It was reconstructed between 1520 and 1540, and restored in 1894. Within the church itself can be found the coats-of-arms of some of the noble families of years ago (Busetti, de Concini, Guarienti, Madruzzo, Spaur).

Emigrants from Tassullo to the United States

Below is a listing of some of the villagers from Bresimo who came to the US and their year of arrival. More information (age, family, description, etc.) and listings of additional emigrants can be found on the actual passenger manifests on the Ellis Island website.

Name Arrival Year – Destination
Bentivoglio, Annibale 1905 – Trinidad, CO
Berti, Carlo 1901 – New York
Berti, Francesco 1900 – Canmore, Canada
Berti, Domenico 1900 – Canmore, Canada
Busetti, Oreste 1912 – Trinidad, CO
Busetti, Teresa 1923 – Taylor Springs, IL
Calliari, Giacomo 1903 – Steubenville, OH
Ciccolini, Louis 1921 – Trinidad, CO
Cirolini, Vigilio 1913 – Trinidad, CO
Cirolini, Luigi 1913 – Trinidad, CO
Cirolini, Massimiliano 1899 – Castle Gate, UT
Corradini, Fiorello 1903 – Dennison, OH
Corradini, Maria 1897 – Castle Gate, UT
Corradini, Beppe 1897 – Castle Gate, UT
Corradini,Elisa 1900 – Hazleton, PA
Corradini, Epifanio 1900 – Hazleton, PA
Dalpiaz, Riccardo 1903 – Trinidad, CO; 1911 – WY
Dalpiaz, Eugenio 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Dalpiaz, Costante 1920 – Mt. Olive, IL
Dalpiaz, Vittorio 1920 – Mt. Olive, IL
Dalpiaz, Costante 1911 – Minersville, PA
Dalpiaz, Cesare 1898 – Canada
Dalpiaz, Cesare 1909 – Waldsenburg, CO
Dalri, Silvio 1909 – Kemmerer, WY
Dalri, Basilio 1889 – Michigan
Dalri, Basilio 1907 – Telluride, CO
Dalri, Cesare 1898 – Canmore, Canada
Dalri, Edoardo 1898 – Colorado
Dalri, Giulio 1898 – Colorado
De Micheli, Giuseppe 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Kirschbaumer, Ester 1907 – Glenwood Springs, CO
Melchiori, Arturo 1898 – Canada
Melchiori, Adriano 1905 – Sopris, CO
Mendini, Angelo 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Mendini, Guglielmo 1898 – Canmore, Canada
Menapace, Giuseppe 1898 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Celeste 1898 – Trinidad, CO
Menapace, Pietro 1898 – Canada
Menapace, Severino 1899 – Canmore, Canada
Menapace, Alesandro 1899 – Alberta, Canada
Menapace, Maria 1903 – Mt. Carmel, PA
Menapace, Emilio 1904 – Pittsburg, KS
Menapace, Arturo 1909 – Walsenburg, CO
Menapace, Mario 1911 – Minersville, PA
Menapace, Antonio 1911 – New York
Menapace, Giuseppe 1912 , Denver, CO
Menapace, Giuseppe 1912 – Illinois
Menapace, Giuseppina 1912 – Illinois
Mendini, Alesandro 1899 – Canmore, Canada
Mendini, Enrico 1898 – Trinidad, CO
Mendini, Luigi 1909 – Trinidad, CO
Mendini, Celeste 1905 – Mystic, IA
Mendini, Maria 1898 – Trinidad, CO
Mendini, Angelo 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Mendini, Francesco 1904 – Mystic, IA
Mendini, Angelo 1911 – Diamondsville, WY
Odorizzi, Adelaide 1911 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Abramo 1898 – New York
Odorizzi, Celeste 1903 – Lichfield, IL
Odorizzi, Cesira 1900 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Enrico 1912 – Denver, CO
Odorizzi, Francesco 1911 – Rock Springs, WY
Odorizzi, Francesco 1899 – Canmore, Canada
Odorizzi, Guglielmo 1898 – Canada
Odorizzi, Luigia 1900 – Coshacton, PA
Odorizzi, Marco 1902 – Trinidad, CO
Odorizzi, Marcello 1920 – Rupert, ID
Odorizzi, Maria 1900 – Berwind, CO
Odorizzi, Ricardo 1901 – Trinidad, CO
Peder, Amadeo 1912 – Pittsburg, KS
Pilati, Emmanuelle 1897 – Coalgate, UT
Pilati, Luigi 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Pilati, Cirillo 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Pilati, Cesare 1905 – Maitland, CO
Pilati, Beniamino 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Pilati, Luigi 1920 – Flushing, OH
Pilati, Giuseppe 1912 – Red Lodge, NY
Pilati, Marco 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Pilati, Bortolo 1904 – Dennison, OH
Pinamonti, Albino 1913 – Frontenac, KS
Pinamonti, Carlotta 1920 – Frontenac, KS
Pinamonti, Ferdinando 1901 – Canmore, Canada
Pinamonti, Francesco 1899 – Canmore, Canada
Pinamonti, Giuseppe 1909 – Dennison, OH
Pinamonti, Leopolda 1920 – Frontenac, KS
Pinamonti, Luigi 1901 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Michele 1905 – Steubenville, OH
Pinamonti, Pacifica 1904 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Prospero 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Roberto 1910 – Trinidad, CO
Pinamonti, Severino 1920 – Frontenac, KS
Ruggera, Maria 1906 – Glenwood Springs, CO
Santini, Giovanni 1899 – Trinidad, CO
Santini, Luigi 1913 – Diamondville, WY
Torresani, Antonio 1903 – Walsenburg, CO
Torresani, Celestino 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Torresani, Enrico 1898 – New York
Torresani, Giuseppe 1912 – Flushing, OH
Torresani, Giuseppe 1904 – Pittsburg, KS
Torresani, Leopolda 1920 – Mt. Olive, IL
Torresani, Luigi 1920 – Flushing, OH
Torresani, Luigi 1903 – Castle Gate, UT
Torresani, Silvio 1921 – Castle Gate, UT
Valentini, Adelaide 1905 – Delaqua, CO
Valentini, Giovanni 1903 – Cumberland, WY
Valentini, Giuseppina 1909 – Trinidad, CO
Valentini, Leopoldo 1905 – Delaqua, CO
Zanini, Pietro 1903 – Trinidad, CO
Zenoniani, Silvio 1905 – New York
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10 Responses to Tassullo – a small village in Val di Non

  1. stellagallo says:

    Am interested in the Valentini & cirolini family Augusto cirolini & Ester valentini ,cirolini are
    From Tirole Tussullo Austria Their daughter Rosa Cirolini is my grandmother
    Rosa was born in 1899 —-my name is Toni. Gallo — I am researching
    The generation before Augusto. &. Ester. —-surnames &. madien names

    Augusto born 1857. —- Ester born 1869. Any info.. Would be a blessing!
    Thank you
    Email—– stellagallo@aol.com

  2. stellagallo says:

    Hi, I am the granddaughter of rosa valentini, cirolini who was born in tassullo , tirolo in 1899-
    Rosa father’s name is Augusto. Born 1857 -rosa mother — ester. Apolonia Valentini – born 1869-

    My name is Toni Gallo—– Theresa can you fill in the generations before Augusto & Ester?

    thank you-

  3. Ashlee Odorizzi says:

    Marcello Odorizzi is my great grandpa!

  4. Diane Pilati says:

    Just found this page as we are preparing to visit Tassullo next week. My husband’s grandfather is Luigi Pilati who came to Ohio in 1920. We are very excited to be visiting the family church, cemetery and taking in the town. Unfortunately, I believe the little family that is left won’t be there when we visit. Anyone with Pilati heritage information from Tassullo, including pictures, please share!

    • Thank you for your comment. There are a couple of us (I also have Pilati ancestry) who are researching the Pilati lines from Tassullo and Rallo. If you can provide some information about your husband’s Pilati ancestry, we may be able to help. Feel free to email the info to the email address on this site is you do not want to post it. I have found that if you take a family tree chart with you when you visit, and show it to people in restaurants and the village offices, you will be heartily welcomed. The cemetery, church, and village offices may be very helpful. Many of the tombstones contain photos of possible ancestors. Hope this helps.

      • Marco says:

        Is this Luigi Pilati born in 1903, son of Giovanni and Giuditta Bentivoglio? In that case, Luigi would be the uncle of Giovanni Pilati (born in 1926, still living in Tassullo), step-brother of my grandfather Ottavio Valentini.
        I have plenty of information about the relatives who lives or lived in Tassullo, but I have no info about the american cousins. If Diane still reads this message I would like to exchange information. Thanks!

      • Diane Pilati says:

        Hi Marco!

        That is the same Luigi! We were able to see Giovanni last January when the entire family visited. Luigi had one son, William (Bill) born in 1925 (still living) and he had five sons. Bill, all 5 sons, spouses and some grandchildren visited Tassullo January 2013. We saw Giovanni, Liseta and Andrea while were there, along with a couple of others.

        I would be happy to give you more details on the cousins here in America and would love the information you have on relatives in Tassullo!

        I’m on Facebook under Diane Palosi Pilati, or can email you as well!

        I look forward to connecting!

      • Diane Pilati says:

        I just saw this when I got a notice from the post by Marco. We did well when we visited, seeing the cemetery and a few relatives. But it was New Year’s Day and the government offices were closed. I will definitely email the address on this site! Thanks so much!


  5. Theresa Zeigler says:

    Hi Sal, I wondered why my Mama’s name is not listed here as emigrating to the US from Rallo. Her name was Carlotta Valentini and my Papa’s name is not here either, Carlo Pinamonti, also from Rallo.
    Thanks so much

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