Research by Descendents of Trentino Emigrants

The links listed below lead to databases developed by descendents of Trentino emigrants. The researchers have spent many hours researching ancestral villages and surnames.  Although the individual sites are usually devoted to research for a specific surname, other surnames will also be found due to marriages. 
Surnames Ancestral Villages
Bertagnolli, and hundreds of others Fondo and Tret
Entire village Cusiano and Pellizano (Val di Sole)
Agosti, Pancheri, Zanotelli, and hundreds of others. Livo and Preghena
Cavosi Sfruz & Spormaggiore
Cattoni  Laguna, Cavedine (to the year 1544)
Endrizzi Cavedago – plus a downloadable transcription of village vital records for the years 1784 – 1924
Inama Dermulo – a comprehensive study
Marinconz A daughter details her mother’s life growing up in Coredo and the US.
Massenza Dermulo, to the 1400s
Mendini, Coradini, Pret, Inama, Endrizze, Emer, Tame, Eccher, Brida Dermulo, with listing of documents to the 1500s.
Mattivi, Anesii Baselga di Pine to Missouri USA – #1
Mattivi, Anesi Baselga di Pine to Missouri USA – #2
Menapace The Menapace Family Forum 
Micheli & Giuliani Dambel & Seio
Morelli Seio and Stenico
Orlandi  San Lorenzo in Banale; from the 1700s to present
Parisi Premione to Portland, Oregon
Pinamonti & Valentini Rallo
Rauzi & Zuech Brez

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