Emigrants from Bresimo to the United States

Ellis Island

Early view of Ellis Island

Below is a listing of some of the villagers from Bresimo who came to the US and their year of arrival. More information (age, family, description, etc.) and listings of additional emigrants can be found on the actual passenger manifests on the Ellis Island website. Please note that the Ellis Island database has many many misspellings of some names. In some cases, the listing below shows the names corrected from the transcription made at Ellis Island. 

Name – Year Name – Year
Antonioni, Celeste -1910
Arnoldi, Anna – 1907
Arnoldi, Augusto – 1921
Arnoldi, Fortunato – 1899
Cavallari, Gianmaria – 1903
Daprai, Federico – 1910
Daprai, Innocenta – 1913
Daprai, Serafino – 1923
Daprai, Pietro – 1913
Dallatorre, Albino – 1923
Depeder, Camillo – 1912
Depeder, Rodolfo – 1920
Faori, Giorgio – 1910
Fauri, Giuseppe – 1909
Fauri, Severino – 1920
Marchetti, Adelina – 1913
Marchetti, Andrea – 1899
Marchetti, Ida – 1913
Marchetti, Rachele – 1900
Morandi, Giuseppe – 1900
Pancheri, Angelo – 1909
Pancheri, Angelo – 1903
Pancheri, Augusto – 1913
Pancheri, Emmanuele Nicolo – 1880’s
Pancheri, Isidoro – 1880’s
Pozzatti, Giorgio – 1907
Ruatti, Innocente – 1906
Ruatti, Primo – 1900
Sandri, Amadeo – 1905
Sandri, Angelo – 1910
Sandri, Emmanuelle – 1909
Sandri, Giuseppe – 1905
Sandri, Giuseppe – 1923
Sandri, Giuseppe – 1909
Sandri, Isidoro – 1905
Sandri, Serafino – 1915
Sandri, Serafino – 1923
Zingarella, Vigilio – 1910

Bresimo (village site) is an ancient village northwest of the city of Cles, with the “frazioni” of Baselga, Bevia, and Fontana.  Bresimo is also the birthplace of my Pancheri ancestors.  One of the attractions in the area, and of historical significance, are the ruins of the 13th century Castel Altaguardia, which was substantially destroyed in a fire in 1639.  Various members of the Pancheri families were overseers of the castle during its prime years.

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4 Responses to Emigrants from Bresimo to the United States

  1. Paul Daprai says:

    Hi. My name is Paul Daprai. Serafino Daprai is my grandfather. I stay in touch with my cousins in Bresimo. I don’t think I’m related to the other Daprai names that came over around the same time as Serafino, but I don’t know for sure.

  2. Gene Pancheri says:

    Hi David — I’m Gene Pancheri who Sal mentioned above. If you have the full name and birthdate of Alex, I may be able to hook you into the Pancheri family tree. The Pancheri family originated in Samoclevo, Trentino with a man named Panchero (no last name) who was born in 1330. I have traced every Pancheri who could get me the name of an ancestor born before 1900 in Trentino (and some that couldn’t) back to Panchero. I would be delighted to try to tie your family into our family tree.

  3. I LOVE this site, My name is David PANCKERI. I am really a Pancheri whose surname was mistakenly changed at Ellis Island by immigration authorities who could not read my grandfather, Alex Pancheri’s handwriting and turned the “h” into a “k”. I actually went to Ellis Island and saw my grandfather’s signature, which does in fact look more like a “k” than an “h” on the old log of names.
    It would be a fascinating sociological experiment to investigate the one pure strain of descendents named Panckeri in the US who ALL stem from ONE man, Alex Pancheri. The only Panckeri’s in the US are in my family ! Type in Panckeri on a search and you will find most Panckeri’s now live in NJ with few in PA now since my uncle Panckeri’s all died but one. There are a number of Italian Pancheri’s in Hazleton near here since Hazleton has a ton of Italians, I don’t know if they are blood relatives of my grandfather or not. I would appreciate any more info from any Pancheri, especially any blood relatives of Alexander Pancheri who was born in Italy about 1880 and died about 1956. I had always thought he came from the Bolzano part of far notheern Italy and was a Tyrolean, but I could be wrong about that. Our surname stems only from Alex, my grandfather whose name was changed for all time to a mistakenly spelling !!! Help !

    • David,
      If you are a member of Facebook, visit the “Pancheri Do It Better group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/19873869687/ . This is a group dedicated to Pancheri genealogy, families, ancestry, etc. The moderator (Gene Pancheri) is probably the foremost Pancheri history person in the the US and has researched the family to the 14th century. It is likely he will have info that will be of immense help to you.

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