Village of Flavon – Common surnames

Up to the 20th century, there were only a handful of surnames used in the smaller villages in Trentino.  Migration was not too common, and families remained in their home villages for generations.  In Flavon, the most common family names were:

  • Cattani — origination likely from the nearby village of Termon;
  • Giovannini — one of the oldest names in the village;
  • Iob (Job)— Near Flavon’s Via Nazionale (formerly Via Imperiale) is an old archway leading to a courtyard. On the arch itself is an insignia bearing the date 1579 and the initials “G.J”, referring to the heraldic insignia of a branch of the IOB (JOB) family. There are indications that a branch of the family emigrated to Germany in the 17th century.  For the last three hundred years, the name has been most common in nearby Cunevo.

    Archway in Flavon

    Archway in Flavon dated 1579, bearing the Iob (Job) family crest

  • Menapace (Menapas prior to the early 1800’s) — origination likely from the village of Pavillo;
  • Pilati — origination from the villages of Rallo and Tassullo;
  • Poda — families bearing this name have been in Flavon since at least the 16th century. There are at least three branches (PODA dall’Olio, PODA dei Gianpodi, and PODA de Neuhaus). The de Neuhaus branch earned its “second” name as a result of the 22 April 1701 conveyance of a noble title on Antonio PODA (1650-1720) by Emperor Leopold I of Germany. Today, this branch is known simply by the name “de PODA”.
  • Zanon (Zanin) — found in both Cunevo and Flavon. ZANIN is the earlier form of this name, commonly used until the mid-1800’s. Records in Tuenno reflect that a ZANIN family, originating from Flavon, was present in Tuenno in the year 1588.

Due to the fact that there were many families with the same surname, the use of “sopranomi” became common in order to keep track of the different branches with the same name. These “sopranomi” were not generally used in official records after the mid-1800’s, but were (and to some extent still is) commonly used amoung the residents of the village. Some of the “sopranomi” were:

Dalpiaz — Ciurlet

Giovannini — Borin, Borelin, Borel

Poda — dall’Olio, Dazial, Perolin, Rosso, Rabiesa, Zanella

Menapace — Mosa, Oste, Polenta, Punta, Rossignol

Zanon (Zanin) — Baruf, Batistota, Bolzin, Borel, Gardelin, Malocco, Ross, Rumer

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