The Iob (Yob, Job) Families of Trentino

The Iob (Job) surname is common to the Trentino villages of Cunevo, Flavon, Lover, and Sporminore

There was a noted Job family in Cunevo (desendents of whom still reside in the village). This family was of the wealthy rural noble class. Rural nobles were not nobility, but rather members of a privileged class entitled to special respect, and exemption from many taxes and duties other villagers had to bear. The coats of arms shown above were granted to members of this Job family branch on behalf of the emperor of Austria, to whom valuable services were rendered during the Rustic War of 1525.

Large groups of families with the Iob or Job name are found in Trentino’s Val di Non villages of Cunevo, Flavon, Lover, and Sporminore. My research has led me to believe that Cunevo is the origination point of the Trentino Iob lines.  Although the Iob (Job) surname is also common in the of villages of Dignano, Gemona del Friuli, Cervigano del Friuli, Tarcento, and Tolmezzo (all in the province of Udine),  no links to the Iob’s of Cunevo and Flavon have been established..

There is documentary evidence of the presence of Iob’s in Cunevo since the 15th and 16th centuries. Although I have been able to document some branches of my family to the 16th century, I have (so far) been able to document my direct Iob lines only to the mid-1700’s. In August 1802, a fire occurred in the nearby village of Terres. The fire spread to Flavon the next day.  The fire destroyed most of Flavon, including the church archives which contained the records for Cunevo, Flavon, and Terres. As a result, church records, including microfilmed copies for these villages, are available only for periods after the fire.

Some early Iob notes  (from books and archival references)

1409 — Baldessare de Ioppis resided in Cunevo

1554 — this date appears on a tomb of a G. Job at the church of S. Lorenzo in Cunevo (the person has been referred to as Gaspare Job in writings about Cunevo history).

1568 — Archduke Ferdinand of Austria conveyed a coat-of-arms upon Gaspare and Antonio Job of Cunevo; additionally, in the year 1604, Emperor Rodolfo II conveyed a coat-of-arms to other Iob’s of the same family. (see drawings above).

1594 — the church records in Sporminore mention the Apr 1594 marriage of Iob del Iopi to Orsala Spaur

1687 — the Dercolo church records refer to the birth of Batasar Iob, son of Joannes Iob from the village of Lover

1679-1680 — Joannes Andrea Iob served as curator of the church at Campo Denno

The first Iob (Job) name I found in the microfilmed Sporminore church records was Joannes Bapta Job (1706-1766), a native of the village of Lover, who married Magdalena Sandri in 1725. Since the church records do not show any reference to a Iob (Job) in Sporminore prior to 1725, this indicates that the Sporminore Iob’s originated elsewhere. I have seen references from other researchers who infer that Iob’s from Cunevo emigrated to Sporminore c. 1550.

If you have any information about the Iob (Job, Yob) name and would like to share it, please contact me.

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3 Responses to The Iob (Yob, Job) Families of Trentino

  1. Cheryl Budda Jones says:

    Giuseppe (Joseph) Yob was my great grandfather. His daughter Susie was born in Dignano, Italy as was her father. They came to Canada and then the US. I knew Grandpa Joe but his daughter died in 1945 so sadly I never knew her. I have a picture of her, she was so beautiful and you can see the kindness in her face.

  2. Van H. Job says:

    Thank you for this information. I had contacted several Jobs from Ottersheim several years ago and was able to meet them two years ago. Their family tree showed where Sabastian Job left there in 1837 for America. I was able to visit the Ottersheim Jobs, stayed in their home and attended a dinner for the Jobs in our honor that was attended by 40 people, all connected to the Job family. My e-mail is Would like to hear from you. My home is in Washington state, used to live in Indiana.
    Best regards
    Van Job

  3. Gion Job says:

    Dear Sir,

    Very interesting what you are writing. Please contact me per email, so we can discuss this further. I’ also a Job, living in Switzerland.

    Kind regards
    Gion Job

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