Where emigrants from Trentino settled

Hastings, Colorado coal camp

Hastings, Colorado coal camp, c. 1900-1910 (Courtesy of Colorado Historical Society)

Upon arriving in the US (generally through the port of New York), our ancestors settled in many areas, including

  •  the Colorado coal mines at Trinidad, Hastings, Leadville, Central City, and Silverton. Emigrants there bore names such as Iob (Job, Yob), Eccher, Dalpiaz, Menapace, Ruffini, Zadra, Zanon, and many others.
  • Pennsylvania (Mt. Carmel, Hazleton, Pottsville, Shamokin) — the anthracite coal mining areas surrounding Hazleton attracted Trentini from Val di Non and Val di Sole.  They bore names such as Aliprandini, Bridi, Chini, Fellin, Iob (Yob), and Menapace.  Some later moved to Vineland, New Jersey.
  • Kansas (Pittsburg) — mostly emigrants from Val di Primiero with surnames such as Mattivi and Scalet
  •  Michigan (Iron Mountain, Norway, Vulcan) and New York (Solvay) — especially from the Val Giudicarie villages of Bolgeno, Castello, Prezzo, and Tione
  • Ohio (Alliance, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Dennison, Flushing, Lafferty, Lansing).  Many from Val di Non settled here either temporarily or permanently, such as Chini, Menapace, Pancheri, Pedrotti, Visintainer, and Zucal.
  • Wisconsin — many came here to work in the iron mines.  However, later strikes and lack of jobs resulted in many settling in Milwaukee.  They originated from village in Val di Non such as Spormaggiore and Cis, bearing names such as Decaminada, Giuliani, Malfatti, Micheli, Noldin, Paternoster, Ravinelli, Recla, Toller, and Zadra
  • Wyoming — emigrants from Val di Non and Valsugana settled at Cambria, Rocksprings, Reliance, and Superior.  After work at the mines became scarce, many of them emigrated to northern Utah (Castle Gate and Ogden), where factory jobs were available.
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3 Responses to Where emigrants from Trentino settled

  1. Mattivi says:

    FYI, Novinger, Missouri had a lot to Trentini with names of Mattivi, Ioriatti, Anesi, Broseghini, Avi, Gasperi and more. They also had a club, http://www.mattivifamily.com/immigration/Partire/societa/index.html.

  2. Joseph L. Tropea says:

    A Federico Pedrotti served as a witness to a wedding in 1894 in Dennison, Ohio (Immaculate Conception). Does anyone know this man?

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