Introduction to village of Cunevo

Panorama view of CunevoLocated within Val di Non, and 35 kilometers north of the city of Trento, Cunevo was historically an agricultural community and well know for apple growing. From an estimated population of 110 people in the year 1596, it is still a small village of 566 residents (as of the year 2005).

The most common surname in the village is IOB (also spelled JOB). The spelling is split almost evenly between IOB and JOB.  Distinctions between various branches of the families bearing the IOB name are made through the use of “second” names (“sopranomi“) such as Iob-sicher, Iob-remus (in use since at least 1783), Iob-perotel, Iob-bottes, Iob-brun, Iob-bertol (in use since at least 1691).  Family nicknames are also used (mavador, smit, pastor).  Due to intermarriage between the branches, it is very common for a villager to be descended from 2, 3, or 4 branches of IOB’s.
Other names common to the village are:

  • Dalpiaz (origination likely from the nearby village of Terres, and present in Cunevo since at least 1691),
  • Dolzani, Lucchini, Martini, Tame, Micheli  (although there were very few people with the Micheli name in Cunevo, it is somewhat common in the nearby village of Terres. A Micheli, originally from Terres, was mentioned as living in Cunevo in a document from the Spaur archives dating to 1373), and
  • Zanon (Zanin) — an early form of this name (de Zanonis) has been found in written records of Cunevo dating to at least the year 1541.

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